Monday, 30 December 2013

Windhoek and a week with Maddy

Windhoek, I hate to say, is a pretty boring place when it comes to capital cities. Though to be fair if you hadn’t done everything else in Namibia like I have, you would have lots of different tours to go on. 

My couple days in Windhoek were pretty low key. I was mainly trying to get the blog caught up on - which failed miserably ! Hehe And also trying to sort out phone and bus tickets to my Namibian friend Maddy. 

One thing I have figured out or attempted to at least is the mail system. I was sending a bunch of things back to Canada for Alana since I would have time in Windhoek to do it. Mail system here is a bit different than Australia or Canada. I will also note that this was at a downtown capital city maybe even main post office. First off you can’t buy a box at the post office. Luckily nice post office lady managed to find me one that I could use. But then I had to go buy my own packing tape at stationary store across the road. By this point I am dodging thunderstorms and going on 30 mins to get this done. Got back from that only to find out that they only take cash , so off to find an ATM. Didn’t even have to fill out any sort of paperwork per say either. :S  Needless to say an hour later, I was done. Alana owes me a Savannah Dry cider for this! 

But the rest of the week was great fun! 

One big deciding factor in the entire Africa Adventure is that I would be able to catch up with a friend, Maddy, from my trail ride guiding days in Lake Louise who I haven’t seen since 2007ish. Also very handy having a contact person on the continent. Maddy lives up close to Etosha and we actually had a break stop in her town. 

It was great to catch up with her and meet her family. Also got to see some off the beaten path attractions like the crocodile farm. Crocodile tastes yummy - sorta like chicken just more rubbery. We took a day to drive out to Rock Finger which was a really pretty rock formation. 

Really interesting just to see how the locals live overall. 

We did drive up to her parents cattle farm up close to Harnas Wildlife Foundation. Maddy grew up on a 15 000 hectar farm. It really reminded me of an Australian station complete with red dirt. Had a blast getting a tour from the back of an ancient landcruiser.   But they are definitely in a drought - they have only 2 bores (waterholes) working out of close to 90! The farm dogs weren’t what I would call typical farm dogs: 2 grehounds and a pug :D Greyhounds are actually used to chase cheetahs. And the pug was just super cute, reminded me of Mr Jackson. 

Her family were so welcoming and did invite me for Christmas depending what is happening at Harnas. Had a super time getting to know them. 

Thanks for having me Maddy!

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