Saturday, 7 December 2013

Day 7: Sand Dunes!

Day : Sand Dunes
** Warning picture over load**

I can’t get over how spectacular these sand dunes are! So worth the getting up at 4am to see the sunrise over them while we sitting on top of Dune 45. Dune 45 is 150m tall and called Dune 45 because it is 45 km from Sesriem. We started to climb the dune in pitch black and it was tougher then it looks between the sand and the dune seeming to never end. But we got there in the end. I nearly didn’t wait for the sun to actually rise above the dunes since it was already light out by that point. So glad I didn’t head back down before the sun rose. And we spent way longer then we were suppose to up there but couldn’t get enough of the views and the stunning photos we were getting. I was having lots of fun playing photographer and using a few very nice cameras. (Still waiting for a few pics that I took of other people and their cameras!)

The climb.

Amazing view in the early light.

When we finally tore ourselves away from Dune 45 , we continued down to Sossusvlei Flats. To get to Sosusvlei Flats it’s a 4 wheel drive only track and then walking once you are there. It’s an ancient lake or clay pan which dried up thousands of years ago but the fossil trees are still standing. There is something about dead or fossil trees that I love. Not really sure why but they do always seem picteresque to me. And these ones were no different. Between the sand dunes in the background, clear blue sky it made for some amazing pictures. 

There is a newer clay flat which happened in 2006. It happened in a flash flood in about 2 hours. Herms was taking a tour through the area when it happened. Washed some tents away and everything.  

Some of the girls had fun rolling down one of the dune (Emily & Myrta) or running (Katie & Alanna).

All of this before 10 am! 

We stopped at tiny little Solitaire : population less then 100 but known for it’s apple pie. Belinda had been raving about it all day so had to try it. And it was very good! Odd place to have a dutch bakery in the middle of no where but everyone seems to know about it. The cinnamon buns were super yummy. 

We had our 3rd mechanical issue when we stopped somewhere for a break and the top stair broke/caved in. So back to using the ladder. We blamed B for breaking it :D hehe 

The roads have been bumpy up till now. I can deal with bumpy roads from living at the farm for 5 years. But these roads were a totally different level. Couldn’t even hear myself think! It did make charging things interesting - had batteries go flying a few times. 

The campsite is very isolated which is a plus since they have their own animal waterhole with a light on it. We ended up seeing a small herd of zebras there drinking. And we went for a night walk with Belinda. And having a spitting contest with springbok poop! Yup you read that correctly. LOL Pretty entertaining and apparently it’s a school kids game here in Africa. 

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