Friday, 18 April 2014

A Shout out to Mill Park!

Just wanted to give a quick shout out and big congrats to Mill Park Stud back in South Australia aka my Aussi home of 5 years. They just wrapped up a successful yearling sale season. I don’t have all the numbers in front of me but the Inglis Sydney Sale was a huge success with the Dane Beltar filly being sold to UK for 650K, Kaimana colt close on her heels at 500K to Hong Kong Jockey Club and Dancing on Waves filly at 300K. Sale results at Sydney earned the farm #10 overall sale average, awesome result for a farm from South Aus with only 7 yearlings at the sale. :D 
It’s great seeing my little foals grow up into stunning young horses. And did really miss getting the chance to see them grow up this year after taking care of them before they got weaned. 

Hope everyone is getting a well earned break before starting to wean the current set of foals! 

Go check out the Mill Park website at: and you can see pictures of all the yearlings under “Yearlings” and just click on the different sales. 

Monday, 7 April 2014

Random Fact:

 I have written over 15 400 words and 47 pages (in word) on the blog so far. And over 63 posts. Actually it is probably over 16000 but I don’t have all of the blog posts here on the computer. Not to shabby. :D 

Afrikaans Lessons and buying a donkey!

The two main languages here in Namibia are English and Afrikaans. Afrikaans is a bit of a mixed language of english, german and maybe some other European languages from what I gather. All I know is that I don’t understand it. Lol I can sometimes understand if I know the context but even that is very hit and miss. And my French is really not helping me out at all. A few words do sound a lot like Danish (thank you Schanne for my limited Danish knowledge!) And to make it more challenge speaking it is that it is very heavy “r” sounds which I struggle with. 

I know a few words like asseblief  (please) and  dankie (thank you). 

One of the kids from one of the local lodges heard that I didn’t know Afrikaans but wanted to learn so she took it upon herself to teach me. Good little teacher considering she’s only 9. 

A few other Afrikaans words:

Oma -> grandmother
Opa -> grandfather
baum -> tree
Kar-> car
foto -> photo
Kat-> cat
Die-> the

When I fist got to Namibia, I always heard people saying “baie dankie” which I gathered was something to do with saying “thank you” which it does “many thanks”. But to me it always sounds like everyone talking about buying a donkey. I mentioned this to Maddy and my other Namibian friends the other day and they found it pretty entertaining. So it has become a joke here which I can’t help grinning every time someone says “ baie dankie”. 

Now people need to quit talking about buying a donkey and just go buy one! Lol