Monday, 7 April 2014

Afrikaans Lessons and buying a donkey!

The two main languages here in Namibia are English and Afrikaans. Afrikaans is a bit of a mixed language of english, german and maybe some other European languages from what I gather. All I know is that I don’t understand it. Lol I can sometimes understand if I know the context but even that is very hit and miss. And my French is really not helping me out at all. A few words do sound a lot like Danish (thank you Schanne for my limited Danish knowledge!) And to make it more challenge speaking it is that it is very heavy “r” sounds which I struggle with. 

I know a few words like asseblief  (please) and  dankie (thank you). 

One of the kids from one of the local lodges heard that I didn’t know Afrikaans but wanted to learn so she took it upon herself to teach me. Good little teacher considering she’s only 9. 

A few other Afrikaans words:

Oma -> grandmother
Opa -> grandfather
baum -> tree
Kar-> car
foto -> photo
Kat-> cat
Die-> the

When I fist got to Namibia, I always heard people saying “baie dankie” which I gathered was something to do with saying “thank you” which it does “many thanks”. But to me it always sounds like everyone talking about buying a donkey. I mentioned this to Maddy and my other Namibian friends the other day and they found it pretty entertaining. So it has become a joke here which I can’t help grinning every time someone says “ baie dankie”. 

Now people need to quit talking about buying a donkey and just go buy one! Lol 

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