Saturday, 14 December 2013

Day 13: Waterberg Plateau

It is the last stop of my trip :( Really don’t want it to be. Having way to much fun with this awesome group of people. Really should have booked the full length trip but I know Harnas will be good fun and interesting as well. Breaking the trip up will mean that I have more time to explore Namibia. 

But the Waterberg Plateau is close to where the Cheetah Conservation fund is situated which is kinda cool even though we aren’t stopping there at all. Hopefully I will be able to get back to the area and see it at some point. The plateau is just that a big one in an area that the parks services have re-introduced lions and leopards though you rarely see them. We could hear baboons but haven’t seen any yet. Most of us went on  hike with Herms to the top of the plateau which was fun. Fairly easy hike except for a couple 

steep rocky stretches towards the top. Lovely view from the top and it probably would be a really good spot to watch the sunset but I wouldn’t want to have to go down those rocks in the dark. 

Everyone keeps forgetting that I am indeed getting off the trip at Windhoek. Mike really can’t get over that. I must be just the type that would do a 40 day trip. Herms is even trying to convince me to stay on since there is an extra seat! Oh so very tempting! Gah! If I didn’t have Harnas lined up and paid for already I would in a heart beat. Oh well will make to sure to keep in touch with everyone and hopefully see a few of them somewhere around the world. 

** See facebook album for photos- takes to long to load photos if they even load here**

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