Saturday, 14 December 2013

Day 14 & 15: End of the trip :( *cries*

One last night with this awesome crew of world travellers. It was spent at Joe’s Steak House in Windhoek. It is a popular restaurant that specializes in the game meats. I had a kudu steak which was very yummy. I did get to meet the 4 new people who are joining the trip who seem pretty cool. And Mike is still forgetting that I am leaving when he did his good bye speech at the table. Hehe Must be a sign that I should stay on. Oh well to late now. 

They even let us out in civilization and we are staying at a pretty fancy hotel ( Hotel Safari)! With free wifi! Woot! Lol 

Amazing trip and very sad that I stop here and everyone else continues on all the way to Jo-burg or Kenya. 

Drove 3900 kms over 2 weeks. Fuel tanks can go 2000km. We seriously thought the tanks were never ending since we only ever saw Herms stop to fill up once.

I saw them off after breakfast. That was tough watching the truck leave with out me :( 

I’m determined to finish off this tour and hopefully be able to catch up with Herms and Belinda after christmas sometime. 

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