Saturday, 7 December 2013

Day 10: Damaraland & rock carvings

To go with the every changing landscapes in Namibia, we drove through the Damaraland which is close to Swakopmund and the Skelton Coast. And there is nothing  here. It is flat bare greyish white sand for miles. The Skelton Coast refers to most of the coast line in Namibia due to all of the ship wrecks that have occured over the years due to the bank of fog that forms right along the coast line. We stopped at a very recent (2011) ship wreak. If anyone does survive the ship wreak, it is not a great survival rate since there are only 5 decent size towns along the coast with roughly 500-1000Km between each. And had a quick search for rubies and diamonds. 

We continued on our way to Twyfelfontain ( Doubtful Fountain) where there are 5000 year old rock carvings done by the bushmen. These were so clear and well done and surprisingly not protected in anyway from the elements. Though you do now need a guide to get in to see them. All of the carvings were of animals with most being giraffes, lions and zebras though there were few seals and elephants. Lions were the symbols for the medicine man and the giraffe was important since they can talk to God because they are so tall. 

(craving pic)
The camp site wasn’t my favourite due to lack of running water but we did have friendly cows wandering through camp. And on to Etosha National Park tomorrow!

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