Friday, 21 February 2014

Harnas: a wrap up.

I do realize that I am writing this close to 2 months after leaving Harnas but oh well I blame it on not having decent internet. 

Overall, I loved my time at Harnas and I would for sure go back if I had the opportunity. Not sure if I would go back for 5 weeks. But I think I would go back for another 2. And would probably do the volunteer program again and not a guest since you don’t get the hands on time with the animals if you are a guest. 

The people I met from co ordinators to other volunteers have been amazing and truly hope that we can stay in touch and catch up somewhere in the world. And a few of them have become very good friends. 

The animals , well I think I have made it pretty clear that they are insanely awesome. Don’t agree with everything that Harnas does but they are making a difference. I do really hope that Harnas doesn’t piss anyone off and gets shut down for a few things they do, do which are illegal. 

Overall I had an awesome time and really enjoyed it and very sad to leave. But will be back at some point. 

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