Friday, 21 February 2014

Harnas: tracking

** been fighting with my internet hence why no posts lately!**

With Owen being a member of the anti-poaching squad and having intensive training that comes with that, we did have the chance to go tracking for an afternoon with him. Very cool day and even got to see the  shy but resident giraffes. And then followed them by putting our tracking skills to use following them for the next hour or so. 

I have a high level of respect for someone like Owen who can track and figure out all the info only from looking at a track. I guess a lot of it does come down to be very observant and looking for things like depth of the track, any branches broken if so at what height.

And we got to arrive back to the truck to it having a flat tire. This truck was having issues this week- 3 flat tires and running out of fuel. 

One of the negative sides of Harnas did rear it’s ugly head while we were out there. The lack of communication on the place is annoying and in this situation could have been dangerous. Owen got a radio call asking where we were and then followed up by saying Derek ( another staff/coordinator) was out hunting game for New Year’s Eve party. But not sure where he is hunting and he’s not answering his radio. Found out a little while later he was in the same area as us! Not fun and really how hard is it to check with other staff to see what activities are happening during the day? 

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