Saturday, 1 February 2014

Harnas: Fun times, Christmas, NYE and awesome friends

The people I have met on my African Adventure so far have been incredible. And the ones I met at Harnas were no different and in a lot of cases they were the best part of being at Harnas. I now have friends all across Europe and a fair few more in Australia. 

Laura, my good friend who I spent 5 weeks living with and so tough to say bye too 
Tamara from Belgium who was one of the oldies and good friend and lots of fun
Stacey my twin- only spent 3 weeks with but already wearing matching clothes and saying the same things not to mention the giggle fests! 
And Dave , Stacey’s other half, who put up with us and fellow fetch ball addict!
MT my fellow horse lover and that is pretty much what we talked about. 
Victor the Alaskan and fellow traveling gypsy and protector
Livia from Switzerland and the best village mom ever and cabinmate!
The Aussies (Dom, Tim,Matt and Lili)- they were aussis need I say more?
Thomas and Erik- my german guys, fetchball fans and fellow Snoobobs and actually like working with the baboons!

Missing a few I’m sure but definitely made some life long friends who have impacted me and I will for sure catch up with somewhere sometime I am sure of it! And miss you all! xx

I was really looking forward to having my first African Christmas. It was a good christmas but probably didn’t exceed my expectations mainly due to a whole lot of waiting. Now I will say that yes I know there is African time to take into consideration but to be honest it was a just bit disorganized. Harnas staff didn’t know what was suppose to be happening. Not like this is a new holiday by any means. 

Being that Namibia is very German, it is Christmas Eve that is the big night and not Christmas day. The bushmen kids sang a few songs and did some dancing. Santa also arrived to hand of presents to everyone. Santa , Derek, was somewhat busted by the great dane dog Lexie following him around. We joked that they should have put antlers and a red nose on her . And it rained a lot! The last few days it pretty much hasn’t stopped raining. I had been saying: all I wanted for christmas was sun or even just for it to rain at night. Needless to say it has become an on going joke that I must have been very bad this past year! Lol 

Mariata did totally make our nights by having a little present for each of us- chocolates and little jewelry.

Christmas day morning was disorganized, more hungry volunteers not made happy by watching guests having coffee and snacks while nothing for us :( But this was followed by a quick church service , the christmas story read in Africanz by Derek and acted out by the kids. Followed by super yummy food. Laura ate waaaay to much and proceeded to not eat for the next 2 days. Unheard of for her! Amazing how much food she can eat! 

New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve started out a bit the same way but did get better. It was a lot of waiting around to finally eat after 10pm with not to many snacks since lunch time. Saying we were all hungry and tired was an understatement. And we slowly all got cranky. Once we were fed which was super yummy BBQ lamb and goat, lots of salads and delicious cake it was a lot of fun. Just wish we had been told the party wasn’t going to start until late so we could have had a nap and a snack. 

A really fun part of the night was getting to play with fire! Owen does some fire dancing and thought it would be really cool to have 6 other people doing it at the same time. So I got to twirl /swing a piece of plastic wire/pipe with steel wool that gets lit around for a minute. Sounds really easy- it’s not! You have to swing it super fast to get it burning and keep it burning. Got one blister from it! But got some cool pics too! 

Needless to say most of us were in bed by 12:20! Lol 

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