Monday, 13 January 2014

Fetch ball = Fun Times!

It is tradition, to play a sport of some sort on the Saturday afternoon after the newbies have finished their introduction to Harnas. It’s some good bonding fun time. We did always have the choice of what sports to play but fetch ball was the landslide majority winner every time. 

Fetch ball is basically rugby but you can’t run with the ball and yes it is full body contact! And played in bare feet. And you try to pass the ball to your goalie who is kneeling and has to catch the ball and get it to the ground to score a point. It is pretty full on but lots of fun. 

I held my own against most of the guys and did surprise a few of them with being tough to take down and get the ball from me. Nothing is off limits and helps not to be ticklish! Lol 

We ended up playing fetch ball a few times a week since we did have a few Aussi guys who enjoyed playing it - kinda similar to Aussi rules footy. And I was a big fan of it too! :D 

Though I never made it through a game without some sort of bruise(s) or injury. Hehe In the first game, I ended up tripping over my big toe, bending my right big toe towards the sole of my foot. Bad sprain if not almost dislocated it. It was spectacular flying slide too. And also very spectacular colours the next day. Really should have taken some pictures of some of my bruises. Owen and I would also compare injuries after every game. Not like it slowed him down any for the most part. I do think my toe is happy not to be playing anymore so it can actually heal. But then me tripping over it (who needs toes?) or Tertius landing on it really didn’t help! Also didn't help with random sprinkler heads which were in holes around the lawn. 

And playing as much fetch ball as we did , makes me miss playing competitive sports. Really really miss it. Going to have to find something to play whenever , where ever I end up after Africa. 

Other sports played was rounders - similar to baseball and a soccer game against the bushmen. We held our own against them which we were impressed by since some of them showed up wearing soccer cleats! 

Or people just chilled out with the turtles and turkeys to cheer us on. :D  And move them off the field when they wander on to it! Always entertaining having to dodge turtles, foal, calf, turtles, springbok and ostriches while running to catch the ball! 

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