Sunday, 5 January 2014

A quick break from Harnas...

A super quick break from talking about Harnas and moving to talking about the present time. I am currently in Windhoek (capital of Namibia). I have been here since thursday afternoon after being dropped off from Harnas.

Laura, Victor and I braved staying at The Cardboard Box Hostel. That should have been our first clue to what to expect. Even one of the new volunteers at Harnas said something since she stayed there on the way to Harnas. (Sorry Kaylee should have believed you!) But we figured she hadn't stayed in any hostels before and it can be a bit of an adjustement for some people. Not to mention everything else was booked solid.

The short version is that the only 2 good things about this place is the unlimited free fast Wifi (amazing!) and the crepes for breakfast that are included!

The bad: no locks period on dorm door (:O ), and no lockers to lock stuff away in. Laura and I took to carrying our day packs full of laptops and camera etc. Cleanness is alright , the pub area is nice. No working light in our room ( thankfully I always have my headlamp on hand). Staff seem friendly but disorganized as Laura found out. The disorganization led to a 11:30pm walk downtown in an attempt to find an ATM to pay for hostel. We did go with night manager or night staff from the hostel but still dodgy!

Suppose I shouldn't complain to much since I'm still sitting here on the net instead of going to the other hostel where I am actually spending the night.

The last couple days have been pretty low key. Thursday was a final group meal at Joe's Beer house which was great fun. Sad to say good bye to all of the insanely cool peeps but I know we will meet up somewhere along the way just hopefully sooner rather then later. (You know who you are and miss you tons but excited to hear about your adventures! xx)

Laura and I spent the day chilled out at the hostel on the net and then ventured out for a yumy African supper followed by a movie. The new Justin Timberlake movie Runner Runner was suppose to be playing but wasn't. So we ended up at Khumba which is an african animated animal movie. I would discribe it as being somewhere between Lion King and Madagascar so pretty good combo. And it was insanely funny! Specially after spending 5 weeks at Harnas with a lot of the "main character" animals. They got their personalities so well!

Khumba Trailer

And African movie theatres don't show trailers before the movie starts either so you best be there on time!

And said see you soon to Laura bright and early saturday morning. Probably just as well it was at 5am , lot easy. But very odd not having her around now since we have spent the last 5 weeks living together! Miss you girl!

Now I should probably say good bye to this fast internet and actually get my butt over to the other hostel , Chameleon. Had to splurg and get a single room since everything else is booked.

And looking like I will be spending a week or two up at Okutala which is another wildlife place close to etosha. Which would mean meeting up with a few friends from Harnas as well. If it does go ahead, I will be heading up there tomorrow afternoon.

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