Monday, 13 January 2014

Cool Co-ordinators

As in most volunteering or on tours, your experience is greatly affected by the guide or leader. At Harnas this is no different. And I will say that the co-ordinators here are GREAT!

The co-ordinator team is lead by Tertius . He has a job I wouldn't want with trying to keep up to 60 odd volunteers from around the world and different ages happy and doing different things every day! But it does an amazing job at it.

One of the main co-ordinators in charge of the food prep. One of the main cheetah people. The inventor of the meat hats and never challenge her you won't win! Very entertaining, fun person and now a good friend.  

Stacey and I have come to the conclusion that there isn’t much that Owen can’t do. And we sometimes feel like we haven’t done much with our life compared to his either! 

One of those people who are really good at sports (played rugby, cricket internationally and running track) and good at school with out trying. Also part of the Anti-poaching squad.

Only things he can’t do is cook and doesn’t like spiders. :D 

Owner of the mini lion Spicey aka a chow who’s shaved like a lion. We bonded over not really liking the baboons. And she does help out a fair bit on research. 

Morning tour and night drive guide extrodinaire. Super knowledgable about the wildlife from the itty bitty creepy crawlies to the big lions and everything in between. Also makes the tours a lot of fun to be on. And the most important part: leads in the “follow the leader” and “amarulla” singing every Lapa night party. Both those songs just aren’t the same with out him! 

Kathy - kinda
Kathy is sort of a co-ordinator at Harnas but she is actually a researcher here studying/monitoring the cheetahs and soon to be wild dogs. Not a bad job to have getting to track cheetahs every morning. She also has her own blog:

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