Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Singapore Stop

Quick post from the Changi Singapore Airport

Departure day has arrived! Managed to get through yesterday which was very emotional saying "see you soon" since I don't believe in "Good byes" at the farm. We got the popemobile (aka the Watson's Land Rover packed up with all of my boxes that are being shipped back to Canada by Wridgeway. So far I highly recommend them- they have been super nice with somewhat disorganised me :D

The Mill Park crew: (l to r) Peter, Lauren,Amber,Me, Kellie,Ciaran, Serena
Aaron and Sean
Spent a lovely evening down at my favourite hostel in Glenelg which is right on the beach in a big old mansion that reminds me of the Harry Potter Hogwarts- staircases everywhere. Caught up with former co-worker Christina and had a lovely catch up with her.

Departing today was a bit rushed which I blame on not having a watch. Still can't believe I am flying out on Melbourne Cup day of all days! And on a year that Mill Park Stud has a horse running in it! Fawkner, who has already won the Caulfield Cup a couple weeks ago is bred and we sold as a yearling, is running in the Melbourne Cup. This is a race that stops the nation and worth a mere $5 million.

And I was flying with my favourite airline, Singapore Airlines. And they lived up to it so far today. The flight was so smooth. And the pilots were amazing! Didn't even feel us touch down and actually had to look up from my book to see if we had - no bump or bounce at all. Evan ( brother who has is pilots licence) says that takes a lot of skill to put one of those planes down that gently.

And apparently it is monsoon season here which made some of the views on the free bus tour not quite as beautiful. But the lightening show made up for it! Due to the rain, I don't have any good pictures from the tour, but will say people should go check out the Marina Bay Sands hotel page. Spectacular looking hotel though really looks like it's 3 towers with a boat on top. The top is where a restaurant and pools are. Insane pics of it.

And the Airport is also very cool. Tons of shopping, movie theatres, butterfly garden, hotels and even a sky train to get from one terminal to the other. 

Fun Fact: 50 million people went through Changi Airport last year! 

Cool mosaic sculpture in the garden

One of the many pretty gardens and koi ponds

Well I think my 8 hour stop over is almost over, so I should go check to see if my gate is open yet. This wandering Albertan is getting really sleepy. Hoping this flight will be just has smooth and empty as the last one. I ended up with 4 empty seats on the way here and would love to have that again. 

Next stop Cape Town via Johanasburg for re fuelling.

Talk then. xx *falls asleep*

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