Sunday, 10 November 2013

Lazy day at the Market.

Successfully completed my first barganing at the markets today :D Wasn’t like I tried very hard but was kid of fun. It was a nice lady who surprised that I did actually come back to buy the table cloth. I think finding an ATM was tougher then negociating was, but then I did pass a couple different ATM that all seemed to be inside buildings with people hanging around them. 
My first purchase

The Green Point market

So bought a nice colourful table cloth that has little quails. Not buying anything with elephants or giraffes until I see some.

And I just met some of the people on my trip that starts bright and early on Monday. They seem pretty cool so far. Also met my roommate for the next 2 weeks, Jess. A few of us might go out for supper tonight when they get back from going up Table Mt. Will meet the rest of the tour group tomorrow night. 
 Here are a couple views from my hotel windows. It is a beautiful afternoon and Table Mt is totally visable. I'm having a pretty lazy day since my legs are still a bit mad a me from yesterday hiking.

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