Friday, 8 November 2013

Cape Town

Just a super quick update to say yes I have made it safe and sound to Cape Town, South Africa. I arrived mid morning yesterday. The flight in from Singapore was good. Pretty much sat down and slept for 8 hours- even through one meal which is un heard of for me! Did end up with an empty seat between me and a nice South African man. Had some good interesting talks about the country, what to see and do. And about Africa in general.

The lack of immigration and customs did surprise me. I do have to check on maybe getting a South Africa visa - checking with travel agent- but thinking it was more of a mis communication with immigration agent. It's a novel concept to have a ride to the hotel already booked.

I'm staying at the Lady Hamilton Hotelwhich is nice, with a comfy bed and a lovely view of Table Mountain. The hotel is at the foot of it. Since it was pretty windy and the rain had started I decided a nap was appropriate which turned into about 3 hours!

Supper was delish! I went with a recommendation from the hotel front for Arnold's just down the road. Super yummy and friendly! I had a Fanta ( in an old fashion glass bottle!), steak salad with a side of namaqua biltong ( soft jerky). And a mini creme brulee for dessert.

Yummy steak salad
Creme Brulee

Off to the Cape of Good Hope and the rest of the peninsula tomorrow.

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