Saturday, 14 June 2014

Money and every day expenses

The exchange rate is roughly 10 Rands ( South African dollar) to $1US dollar which makes things very cheap here for tourists. But living here not so much. The average salary is about $4000 a month- $400 US ! Not much to live on for sure. And you would think that would mean living expenses would be a lot lower but not the case. A trip to the grocery store for basic food supplies would mean an easy $200 trip. 

2L milk- $30Rand
White bread-$10
Cheese-$50 (for less than 500g)
Whole chicken-$90-110
Hamburger mince-$25-40

I did end up buying some nice clothes, more then I was planning on which I blame on Maddy (lol). I kept finding nice things that I really liked and with the exchange rate meant were insanely cheap. A couple nice sweaters, a couple dresses.....

Fuel was roughly $12 a liter which adds up in hurry. 

I really don’t know how anyone manages to save enough in order to buy a house but some people do seem too. Though I do think a lot of people try and work a lot of overtime in order to have spare money. 

One thing I did notice when it came to salaries was that most, if not all people were paid only once a month (!) and in cash at that. Needless to say lots of partying going on during pay weekend. 

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